Banned: Macrolane Breast Augmentation


There is concern that the increasingly popular breast filler, Macrolane, could interfere with breast cancer detection during mammogram screening. As such, the use of Macrolane for the purpose of breast enhancement has been discontinued until further notice.

This “lunchtime boob job” is well-received by ladies who are uncomfortable with the scalpel or permanent breast implants. Injection of the hyaluronic acid filler gives the bustline an instant boost of 1 cup size within 45 minutes with minimal discomfort and is metabolized by the body’s natural processes after about one year.

“Macrolane has been taken off the market, not because it’s not safe. After all, hyaluronic acid fillers customized for the face by trusted brands have been used to erase laugh lines and sculpt facial features for many years with a very good track record,” reassures Dr Tan Ying Chien, from The Sloane Clinic.

“The decision to withdraw this product was made when a study raised worries that the breast filler may delay the diagnosis of a breast cancer or cause a wrong reading of the breast x-ray. The filler company, Q-Med, is conducting follow-up research on this issue.”

If you have undergone Macrolane breast augmentation previously, don’t panic: You do not need to take any addition action other than attending your scheduled follow-ups with your doctor. But it is advisable to inform your breast-screening healthcare professional of the date of your last Macrolane treatment.

Ladies who are looking at enhancing their cleavage are reassured that silicone implants and fat transfer do not cloud mammograms or affect breast cancer screening.


– By Gene Yeo