Beauty Oscars: Celebs Who Defy Age & Gravity


While we do care who gets applauded for their acting skills and artistry, let’s face it: We eagerly watch the Academy Awards every year to see who’s wearing what and who’s wowing the camera.

Amongst the shining stars who deserve praise and admiration for their breathtaking beauty, we felt it was a handful of stunners of certain age who have gracefully defied the cruel rules of gravity and time depredation that truly deserve our two thumbs up. ‘Cos if that’s what we can look forward to in our 40s and beyond, then we will gladly welcome each new birthday with more lotion and lunges.

And the winners of our Beauty Oscars are…



The X-Men star took the red carpet by storm in a plunging metallic Versace gown. Without her driver’s license, this mother of a five-year-old girl would have no way of proving her actual age of 46. Her chiseled face was radiantly free of wrinkles and spots, and her Bond Girl hot bod would put many 20-year-olds to shame.

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To rock a pixie crop like Halle, a well-defined facial contour is a must. Suitable for all skin types, Ultherapy employs microfocused ultrasound to lift tired brows, jowls and double chins to sculpt a naturally fresh, taut visage quickly and without downtime.

Another new Hollywood beauty secret is the “baby drop” fillers, where an ultra-fine “Gucci” needle and tiny droplets of fillers smooths out any residual wrinkles even on the day of the event to get celebs HD-ready without leaving anyone frozen. Such microinjections of natural hyaluronic acid would imbue a dewy glow into the dermis and restore an inviting plumpness (minus telltale excess volume) to the lips as well.




One of the best-dressed for 2013 Oscars, Naomi Watts sparkled with her enviable glowing skin and shimmering Armani Prive number. But her look would have lost some of its dazzle without her modern, sophisticated updo and gracefully toned arms.

Get the Look: Bingo wings are notoriously difficult to banish, but Naomi shows us there’s no “The Impossible” – just mind over matter.

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Her bold canary yellow choice was controversial, but if any anyone could pull that off, it has to be Jane Fonda. Her awe-inspiring trim figure, statuesque poise, and confident youthful disposition wins her top prize on our score charts for being an exemplary living proof that age is but a number.

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– By Libby Tanada