Beauty Trends To Bury & To Die For This Season


Bold and dramatic can be awe-inspiring, but plastered face paint and overdrawn fish lips? Sister, we seriously need to stop and take note when things have gone too far. Taking lessons from the red carpet and the Spring runways, here are a few key beauty pointers to embrace and some of our past wacky crazes we really need to bury and forget, singing “Let it go, let it go-ooo!”



As much as transformative makeup wows us, the hyper contoured, skin-that-doesn’t-look-so-much-like-skin makeup trend made popular by the Kardashians should retreat back into the shadows as Spring reawakens. Switch the pie chart face of browns and whites for a fresh-faced glow instead, with a touch of illuminator and just subtle shading to highlight your natural best.

If your natural best still falls wayyy short of Candice Swanepoel’s killer cheekbones or elegant forehead and skinny thin chin, new-generation natural fillers applied with a genius hand can help you inch a little closer towards the modelesque facial curves and impart an alluring lit-from-within dewy glow at the same time.



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When night falls, swap the over-exaggerated fan fringe for the Twiggy-inspired smothering lashes found fluttering down on Pucci’s runways to draw the right type of attention to your eyes this season. Wash lids with a taupe shadow. Curl and plump lashes with a coat lash primer, before building layers of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes for a fully separated, slightly clumpy, wide-eyed 60’s lashy doll look. Use a few individual falsies if yours need an extra boost. Draw light to your eyes with a touch of eye gloss or shimmer. Follow this tutorial by Lisa Eldridge for a loaded lash look that will make you the talk of the town.

If overuse of lash extensions or falsies is causing baldness in your lids, cultivate a new crop of thicker, fuller and darker lashes with lash-growth serums such as the clinically-proven Latisse, for a true #wokeuplikethis sexy flutter.



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Luscious lips are unarguably the most sensuous complement to a woman’s face. If you already have Angelina Jolie’s generous pout, congratulations! Go with a tinted lip balm for a brave barefaced look, or Spring’s classic barely there nude (that’s typically a sheer beige with a pinkish tint for fair maidens, a warm honey or tawny pink shade for olive sexpots, and a sheer bronze or creamy chocolate browns for dark beauties). Be cautious when it comes to super pale pastels with loads of white in them, as these pout-magnifiers can tip you over from luscious to fish lips if you’re not careful. Remember: Beauty is all about proportion, proportion, proportion.

If your lips are barely there, resist the temptation to keep up with the Kylie Jenner-inspired dramatically overdrawn lip craze, since it will look clownish in real life. Steal these makeup gems from Makeup Geek, or take these scientifically proven pout-prettifying steps to cheat a fuller pair that still looks genetically blessed.



P.S.:  In case you’re itching to buy one of those lip-plumping vacuum gadgets (like the one below) off Alibaba, be warned. Painful side-effects people have had to pucker up to include swollen congested lips, bruising of the lips or cupping marks around the mouth that can take more than a week to settle, and dry cracked lips (see below again). Experts also cautioned about the possibility of increased fine lines around the mouth with regular use due to frequent forced pursing of the lips. Hmm, not pretty.


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 – By Libby Tanada


*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Mar 2015*