Best Eyeshadow to Make Your Eye Colour Pop


As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to your soul”. They are one of the first features others stare into, and you would certainly want to play them up. But where’s a girl going to start when faced with a dazzling colour palette?

The rule of thumb is to wear the opposite colour eyeshadow to your eyes on the colour wheel. The colour contrast allows your eyes to stand out magically (or POP as they’d say in the makeup world). Wearing matchy-matchy “blue shadow-blue eyes” will not only make you look ’80s, but will also tend to dull your eyes.

Blue eyes

To make your blue eyes traffic-stopping striking, try bronze, golds, rusty peaches or greyish mauve.

Metallics are hot right now and they are easy to use alone. Just apply them to the lid and crease. Combination makeup palettes with bronze or mauve eyeshadows usually work well for baby blues too. Finish off with a dark brown pencil to closely line the top and bottom lash lines to deepen the effect.

Brown eyes

Although brown isn’t all that clearly defined on the color wheel, bronze (think J Lo) and greenish-gold hues are generally well-suited.

A navy blue eyeliner against a neutral shadow is also a great way to bring out the best of chocolicious brown-eyed babes.

Green eyes

Plums and pinks are yummylicious against green eyes.

You can start with a plum eyeshadow quad to make life simple. The light shade goes on the lid, the middle-toned color for crease and highlight with the palest shimmery shade. Use the deepest plum shade to bring out the outer corners to add depth.

Be careful when using purples – if you go overboard, your eyes can look bloodshot.