Big Butts: Yay or Nay? What Scientists Say


When Paper Magazine released their latest cover featuring Kim Kardashian’s exaggerated butt emblazoned with the words “Break the Internet”, they certainly did.

kim kardashian paper magazine The biological equivalent of a click bait, those glazed Kripsy Kremes of a massive naked rump had us bummed (sorry, couldn’t help it!). Although this is plain provocation for provocation’s sake (i.e. the cheapest kind of media stunt), the entire SKIN office has fallen into another Kardashian booty trap, with her generous derriere occupying every conversation.

“It can’t be real.” The cover pictures are clearly photoshopped, although Ms Kardashian maintains the authenticity of her naturally-gifted ass through x-ray evidence.

“What’s the deal with a big butt?” In a 2013 survey involving 1000 hot-blooded British men, the female bottom even landed low down the list in eighth place when asked what they checked out first about a woman, falling behind eyes, smile, boobs, hair, weight, legs and dress sense (in that exact order, you’re welcome fellow sister with an almost non-existent boy butt).

But judging from (1) the number of followers the belfie (that’s a butt selfie, fyi) queen, Jen Selter, has; (2) the speed Booty Barre classes are filling up; and (3) the sizeable and growing number of surgical butt boosts – 13,373 women received buttock fat grafts, implants or lifts, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2013 statistics report – women, and we presume, their partners, seem to be in serious big booty love. So those British boys could be either lying (the survey was based on self-reported results) or bleary-eyed (the survey was conducted by Murine eye drops).


booty attraction

Curvy Ideals: Scientists have discovered that the lower the body’s waist-hip ratio (medically known as the WHR), the more attractive the woman. Marilyn Monroe, for example, had a 0.7 WHR, meaning her waist was 30 percent smaller than her hips. Famous hourglass-shaped sirens through the ages like Kate Upton, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Welch, Sophia Loren and the Venus de Milo also have small waists relative to the size of their hips.


Scouring through the Net for more facts to get behind the butt buzz, we’ve discovered more fascinating science supporting a well-padded posterior. Who would have thought?:


lavenderarrowPear-shaped women who carry their body fat in their ample hips, thighs and backsides aren’t just carrying extra weight, but also some extra protection against metabolic diseases and other conditions associated with obesity, says researchers from the University of Oxford who studied 16,000 women.

Turns out not all fats are formed equal. Belly fat, which is found in abundance in apple-shaped folks, is particularly harmful because it is more metabolically active, sending out fatty contents and chemical messages called cytokines throughout the body, which have been linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance. Whereas fat in the lower body tends to be more stable and release fewer such cytokines. Other similar studies found that women with big booties, wide hips and smaller waists may live longer as well.

No worries if you are of a healthy thin weight, as you’re going to be every bit as healthy as someone who has weight, but has all the weight in the lower body.


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lavenderarrowCurvy chicks are no bimbos. Unless they are so preoccupied by their bottoms, they forgot to think with their brains, or if their butts are fake. Otherwise, research actually suggests that ladies with larger than average butts may be more intelligent!

It is postulated that building a full behind requires an excess of omega-3 fats, which have been proven to catalyze brain development as well.


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lavenderarrow Ahem…For men looking to take a wife and start a family, you might be interested to know that babies born to women with childbearing hips might be intellectually superior to offsprings of less curvy mothers, too.

We can’t wait for Kim Kardashian’s baby North West to grow up into the next Sheryl Sandberg to verify that.


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Then again, all of this big booty obsession can’t possibly erase the practical problems that come with the perks of carrying a giant ass – difficulty squeezing between tight restaurant tables or the aisles of theatres, difficulty finding jeans that fit, and the high likelihood of premature butt sag, just to name a few. After all, with great power comes great responsibility, right?


– By Claudia Lin


*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Nov 2014*