Breast Implants May Be Life-Saving


Breast implants can actually be life-saving, according to a headline news report by Russian newspaper, Pravada.

A Moscow woman was stabbed in her left chest by her own husband during a family fight. But this lucky lady escaped death with a mere skin wound when…the knife got stuck in her silicone breast implant!

Calling the silicone implant “body armour”, the newspaper reports that ironically “the woman’s husband asked his wife to enlarge her breasts five years ago”. The implants chosen were size 4 (read: huge) implants, and “the client happily accepted the offer”.

But we were more intrigued by the fact that despite the vicious stabbing aimed straight for her heart, the content of the silicone gel implant did not leak. In fact, the breast had preserved its original shape through the whole ordeal!

Driven by our curiosity about the mysteriously hardcore breast implant, we spoke to Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, from The Sloane Clinic.

“Breast implant has progressed tremendously. The state-of-the-art silicone implants used today are known as cohesive gel implants, or ‘gummy bear’ implants,” explains Dr Tan, one of the top Singaporean surgeons in the field of breast augmentation.

“The unique solid-state silicone gel will stay together and seal itself in like a gummy bear even in the unlikely event of implant shell breakage with severe trauma, while offering a very soft and absolutely natural feel to touch.”

It’s no wonder that these high-quality cohesive gel breast implants come with their own lifetime warranty cards, and do not need to be replaced regularly in normal circumstances.

This is a great advancement in breast implant surgery. Previously, women had to bear the risk of ruptured bags of silicone or saline in their bosoms, and they had to have their implants changed every 15 years regardless.

In any case, the russian woman went back to the clinic after the incident to have her stabbed souvenir from her not-so-blissful marriage replaced. Talk about mending a broken heart.