Can Bras be Causing Your Boobs to Droop?


To wear, or not to wear?

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from France has sparked a lively debate recently with his headline-grabbing study that suggests young ladies might be better off without their bosom buddies.

Breasts sag as their support structure – composed of the skin and ligaments within the breast – lose integrity, get overstretched and succumb to gravity over time like overused trampolines. For generations, women had their hopes afloat that wearing a bra would provide anti-gravity support for their girls and act as a sag stopper, as well as prevent back pain and improve posture.

Nuh-uh…says the French doctor who measured the breast positions of 330 female volunteers aged 18 to 35 years over a period of 15 years and finally concluded that “medically, physiologically and anatomically” breasts gained no benefit from being caged in. On the contrary, his meticulous research revealed that women could experience about a 1/4-inch (7-millimeter) lift in the nipples each year they didn’t wear a bra! Their breasts were also firmer, and their stretch marks faded. The researchers postulated that taking the weight off the chest with bras discouraged the growth of supporting breast tissue, leaving breasts to head south more quickly.

While the medical support for bras rise and fall like heaving bodices in romance novels, what previous research has shown to affect the boob droop was age, smoking, and the number of pregnancies the woman has undergone.

Before you decide to burn your bras, Dr Rouillon also cautioned that the results are preliminary and his study did not include any ladies above 35 years. Hence, it would be “dangerous” to advise all women to abandon their longtime intimates.


– By Claudia Lin