Celebrity-Inspired Beauty Resolutions For 2017


While most New Year’s Resolutions – stop shopping, quit caffeine – are a failure trap, it’s not hard to take better care of ourselves in simple ways. This season of self-improvement, we tapped celebrities for surprisingly simple beauty inspiration that’s also scientifically sound and surpassingly efficient to see us through a fantabulous 2017. Here’s to exfoliating our faces, power masks, and caring for our hair. Because we’re never giving up coffee.




Popularised in Asia, sheet masks have been fully embraced by the Hollywood glitterati. Makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, lifted the curtains – or, better yet, sheets – on Emma Stone’s pre-Golden Globes primping process, catching her in lip mask action. Of course! What’s good for our faces we should extend to our precious pout, right? Besides, can you imagine a close-up of a lip line as Emma Stone accepts her Best Actress Award? Us neither. Not in La La Land.




SCIENCE: Like sheet face masks, lip wraps aim to saturate the delicate vermillion skin with serum-type plumping hydrators and beneficial vitamins. The contour-hugging sheet provides occlusion and prevents quick evaporation of water phase, hence enhancing penetration of the ingredients deep into the skin for instant wow without lip injections.


TRY: Toly Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch (USD$4). Beloved by Lady Gaga and Jessica Alba, this berry-scented collagen lip mask hydrates and plumps for Insta-Glam kissers.




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Sure, you can spell “exfoliation” in 3 languages. But do you know the most advanced method of skin renewal and restoration to bring your complexion to the next level?

Trust Kim Kardashian to get her hands on beauty industry’s newest & coolest. “A major trick of the trade is to get laser treatments,” divulges the reality star. “Laser treatments are super cutting edge and I love them as preventative measures to deal with ageing before it happens, like dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.”




SCIENCE: Your best skin ever is just a quick zap away. Skin renewal lasers employ light energy to bring about deep, controlled cellular turnover in pinpoint “micro-zones” evenly distributed throughout the skin, while energizing damage repair and collagen regeneration in the dermis. These modern “photo-facials” are both corrective and preventive as they unveil softer, smoother, stronger skin that’s spotlessly glowing and reprogrammed for extended youth.


TRY: SmartX laser. In addition to its unprecedented precision and power to set off deep renewal and repair, this latest-generation micro-renewal laser beams in far-reaching radiofrequency waves simultaneously to further boost collagen growth in the deeper layers, without prolonging recovery time. Douse skin with the optional vitamin sonophoresis to take full advantage of the improved skin permeability post-treatment and plug in the red carpet-worthy flawless luminosity.

P.S.: Don’t forget to treat your neck and décolletage with equal love.


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Over-styling (plus immense pressure and strict diets) on sets and runway puts hair through the ringer for celebs and models. Expert-approved hair vitamins like Viviscal are an open secret to keep famous tresses ready for scrutiny, season after season.




SCIENCE: Follicles take the first hit when the body is placed under physical or emotional stress, or even when nutrient stores take a minor dip. Add heat styling, hair dyeing and other chemical treatments to the recipe – that makes for serious tress distress. Providing vital “hair-raising” nutrients to support stronger and lusher hair growth is not only important for thinning tresses, but will help all strands stand up better against the chemical or heat damage and life’s stresses. Healthier shiny nails are an attractive bonus.


TRY: Viviscal Professional (USD$100). Backed by 7 clinical trials and 25 years of research, this complete blend of follicle-fueling vitamins and AminoMar® marine complex counts A-listers like Karlie Kloss, Cate Blanchett and Reese Witherspoon as fans.




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Even Cindy Crawford needs to be reminded to practice some serious self-care. Looking at the ageless Supermodel, we will sit up and take notes when she shares her New Year’s resolutions on Instagram.




SCIENCE: For a while, we thought that sleep was a kind of inactivity. But sleep is actually a kind of frenetic activity where all the toxins that accumulated during the day are flushed away and the body (and skin) goes into intensive repair mode. So when you start the day recharged, you are more likely to succeed, get that desired promotion, and look your best!


TRY: The Sleep Revolution (USD$8). This book by Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, sounds the alarm on our worldwide sleep crisis and provides a detailed road map to the great sleep awakening that can help “transform our lives, our communities, and our world.”




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Your best rejuvenating sleep may be as simple as breathing in and breathing out…

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– By Claudia Lin




*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Jan 2017*