Cool Facial Contouring Upgrades For The New Year


Put the ruler down – severe contouring and razor sharp angles have softened up this year. Consider instead presenting your features in their best natural light. Skin care is paramount, with some nifty glow-how and a little extra craftiness required on the cosmetics front. Here’s 2 contouring upgrades that will get you out of the house in record time and put your best face forward this new year.


If you’re beauty-obsessed and have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #strobing a lot the past few months. This hottest makeup technique to sweep the beauty nation is almost always followed by “the new contour” or “the anti-contour”: Bye-bye Kim K. Hello J Lo!




In a nutshell, strobing is highlighting to the max to bring out your best features. Instead of struggling with a face full of heavy lion-esque concealer and bronzer stripes typical of Kardashian Kontouring, strobing puts the simplicity – along with a healthy glow – back into makeup. This au naturale French cousin of contouring can be easily adapted to all skin tones, is much more forgiving way to bring focus and shape to the face even for a cosmetic rookie, and is a brilliant way to illuminate pale, pallid winter skin or enhance your summer glow.

Before you load up on all shades of highlighters, did you know you can also use your skincare products to help you become a strobing goddess?

“Piling on layers of makeup and too much of the shimmery stuff will congest your pores and often lead to more dullness over time. Take a different approach this year by aiming for a natural glow like Korean or French women, who really pride themselves in keeping to a proper skincare regime, and use cosmetics cleverly and sparingly only to accentuate their assets for an ‘effortless’ what-juice-cleanse-are-you-doing radiance,” says aesthetician, Lily Tomiko.






STEP 1: PREP If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times – good makeup starts with good skin. For ultra-reflective skin that radiates health and youthful vitality on its own accord, prep your skin canvas with the cleanse-exfoliate-tone-mask regime:



1. Sloane Inc. Skin Superfood Pumpkin Purifying Peel is a natural vitamin-rich enzymatic home peel to boost cellular renewal and rejuvenation for a poreless, lineless, and possibly close-to-flawless visage.   

2. Sloane Inc. Pure Hydrating Mist soothes, hydrates and tones the skin with natural glacial water enriched with skin-repairing amino acids.

3. Sloane Inc. Skin Illumination Essence has Chardonnay extracts and youth-enhancing lactobacillus to optimise skin’s innate moisture-retaining abilities, and promotes even tone and smooth texture for the ultimate translucent lit-from-within glow. 

4. Sloane Inc. Glow Therapy Mask saturates the fatigued, lacklustre dermis with cell-energising super antioxidant, Astaxanthin, along with a generous amount of skin-plumping nano hyaluronic acid for a luxuriously luminous complexion – instantly. 





STEP 2: DEWY BASE Depending on how dry (or oily) your skin is and how humid the weather is, select your favourite hydrating moisturiser, serum or balm to wear under the base, and mixed in with your foundation for supreme translucent dewiness:




Use a lightweight, radiant finish liquid foundation such as Makeup Forever Liquid Lift to gloss over fine lines or dehydrated skin and give an all-over glow.  

Sloane Inc. Skin Drink is made from pure organic olive squalane to deliver an intense moisture surge to rough, dehydrated or dry skin, without clogging up and aggravating acne-prone types. Use this serum under your makeup, and mix an extra small drop to your foundation to bathe your skin in a porcelain, translucent glow that’s full of light and life (see video below for full instructions).




STEP 3: PLAY IT UP OR DOWN Conceal any dark circles or blemishes with a moisturising concealer. Makeup magpies can further sculpt and beam up high points of your face (where the sun natural hits your face) with your illuminator. Or customise your own by mixing pearlescent loose eye powder with a gel serum, light lotion or sunscreen! Finally, set your base with a light tap of finely milled translucent powder or BB powder, especially in oilier areas such as the glabellar and Tzone area to prevent midday makeup slip-and-slide.





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Genius contouring is achieved from within. With a wide variety of “brushes” ranging from sculptural fillers to augment your facial curves to ultra-fluid skin boosters to revive and illuminate tired, dehydrated skin with a jolt of deep moisture, different natural hyaluronic acid injectables can be used in combination and layered to fully transform the face.

Applied with expert hands, these natural skin fillers can highlight and define facial contours such as the cheekbones, brow bones and forehead, while shoo-ing away dastardly dark undereye shadows, hollowed upper lids, and dull, uninspired complexion. You are now ready to flaunt your  flawless finish that puts all other #NoFilter selfies to shame, and look naturally mesmerising with minimal makeup.



#WokeUpLikeThis: SKIN beauty writer before (left) and after (right) 1 session of sculptural filler to enhance the contour of her cheekbones, nose and chin, as well as 1 session of Revitalift skin booster in her under eyes, cheeks and forehead to plump fine lines and light up the complexion.  

 – By Stephanie Zhai