Facial Cues: Marriage or Mistress Material?


Not so lucky in love? Scientists find facial clues that determine if you’re destined for marriage or short flings.

Research revealed that men prefer more feminine faces when they are searching for short-term romance, as compared to candidates for their ever-after.

In this new study from the United Kingdom, almost 400 heterosexual men (of whom 207 were in a current relationship) were shown 10 pairs of photos – each of the same woman that’s slightly doctored to portray the woman as more masculine in one, and more feminine (like a smaller jawbone and fuller cheeks) in the other – and they were asked to rate which of the pair they saw as wife material vs someone they might choose for a fling.

Men who were already attached indicated that women with softer, more feminine traits (or what irate wives call “vixen-looking” wretches in classic drama series) appeared most attractive when they were hunting for a short-term affair. It seems that the more feminine looking the face appears, the more alluring she would be to potential partners.


There are several possible explanations. Perhaps, an unmarried man looking for a long term partner would also consider other factors such as social status, stability, personality, maternal instinct. That’s to to say that looks do not matter to the single guys. They do but not in the same extent as it did for married men. Study has shown certain factors do enhance the overall attractiveness of a woman; they include youthfulness, small waists and larger breasts.


Perhaps some men are inclined to take a long-term partner whilst still attempting to cheat with other, more feminine, women. “Or maybe once a long-term partner is secured, the potential cost of being discovered may increase a man’s choosiness regarding short-term partners relative to unpartnered men,” Anthony Little from the University of Stirling, Scotland, said in a release.

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Now, now boys, know this: The same applies to you! Previous research indicate that women’s preference for more masculine male faces are higher if they were judging for short-term hook ups.

In another part of this study, researchers also found that men who think themselves as attractive have stronger preferences for femininity than those who think themselves less attractive. Again, this effect appears consistent with findings of similar studies conducted in women, whereby hot chicks are choosier in their preferences for men.

The Bottom Line: For those who’ve found “the one”, don’t you neglect improving and taking good care of yourselves to stay attractive to your mate. Good luck for your lifelong passionate affair!

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– By Emily Wong