Feeling Guilty – Sleeping With Makeup On


Lady Gaga recently admitted to People magazine that she goes to bed with her makeup on all the time. “That’s not good for your skin,” she acknowledges, “but I’m blessed with good genes.”

For less lucky mortals who have been battling acne and clog-prone skin like me, passing out with makeup on would certainly be considered a big skin sin. Ahem…I might consider slacking off in any other before-bed category (brushing teeth, changing into pajamas) than not wash my face. Leaving cosmetics mixed with a full-day dose of oil and dirt, all marinated into the skin with occlusion against the pillow clogs pores and creates a flourishing bacterial breeding ground.

Besides, a zit attack may only be the beginning of your problems when you cut back on basic skin hygiene. “Cosmetics can hold on to pollution – this means you’ll end up sleeping with a load of free radicals on your skin which can contribute to cellular damage and early aging,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, from The Sloane Clinic.

“Wearing mascara all day and all the time tend to dry out your lashes and make them brittle. Lashes can end up thinning and falling out,” warns Dr Lee. “Prolonged contact may also increase risk of reaction from irritating ingredients in cosmetics for those prone to sensitivity.”

Because the skin repairs itself overnight, your skin is also not getting the proper conditioning it needs by way of moisturizer or vitamins you should be slathering on in the evening.

There are so many products out there made for the laziest of us. Even if you can’t muster up the energy for a full wash, at the very least, wipe it down with a facial wipe.

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