Finger Length Gives Clue to Manhood


Ladies, now there’s more than one reason to check out a guy’s ring fingers.

Presence or absence of the ring aside, it appears that the longer a man’s fourth finger is compared to his index finger, the longer his *ahem* penis, according to a new study released on 4 July 2011 in the Asian Journal of Andrology.

Researchers believe the link between finger ratios and penis length is caused by exposure to the male sex hormones, specifically testosterone, at key points of development in the womb.

This South Korean study involved 144 men suffering from urological problems that did not affect the length of their penis, which was measured under anaesthesia. Stretched penis length is statistically correlated to the size of the penis when fully erect. The measurements were later compared to the index-to-ring digit ratio on the right hand. Previous studies have shown that the right hand may be more sensitive to the influence of testosterone.

The idea that men’s finger ratio and hormone exposure are linked is not a new one. Earlier studies have found that men with ring fingers longer than their index fingers are more likely to have better facial symmetry and are judged more attractive by women.

The index-ring finger ratio has also proven to be a useful indicator for gauging the risk of prostate cancer, a male hormone-driven disease — the chances of developing prostate cancer drop by a third in men whose index finger is longer than their ring finger. So it’s not all bad news for guys with shorter ring fingers.

That makes digit-ratio measurement far more than a fancy bar trick — for doctors, that is, as a simple risk assessment tool for clinical conditions…