Have It? Flaunt It! – “Celebrity Body Surfing” Trend


The traffic-stopping tweet pic of Heidi Klum‘s bikini-clad body while enjoying a “Gorgeous day” at the beach has got everyone talking.

“Celebrity body surfing” is the latest craze to sweep twitter and involves famous stars and models posting photos of their drool-worthy bare legs and torsos (often with a substantial dosage of cleavage).

The soon-to-be-ex-Mrs Seal faces serious competition as Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, Adrianne Curry, Leanne Rimes, Coco Austin, Miley Cyrus and other star-studded figures have jumped on the #bodysurfing bandwagon.

We know Heidi Klum used to be a supermodel, so she probably has fabulous genes, works regularly and all that. But let’s not forget she’s 39 and also had not one, not two, not three but FOUR babies popping out of that impossibly tight tummy of hers – when most of us just look a couple months pregnant all the time with our resistant “abominable” bulges.

Persistent paunches due to weight gain coupled with separated abdominal muscles and loose flabby skin that’ve been overstretched to accommodate the growing foetus, as well as breast sagging and shrinking are two of the common body concerns that plague many ladies after pregnancy,” says Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

For a yummy tummy, Dr Tan recommends the religious use of a belly binder post-delivery to hold the separated muscles back in place and hasten healing. The gentle compression it provides will also aid recovery of the womb or c-section wound, and support your midsection for extra comfort as you go about your activities and light exercise.

If you’ve missed the boat of the initial months post-delivery and the rectus muscle separation has became permanent, then an abdominoplasty will be needed to surgically appose the separated muscles together for proper support of the abdominal organs and hence, achieve a flatter-looking belly.

“More women, whether as a mommy makeover or simply for the body of their dreams, are coming forward for surgical enhancement with advancements in surgical technology like Vaser Liposelection and Lipokit Fat Transfer, and better education about these procedures.”

Vaser utilises ultrasound waves to selectively liquefy fat cells but sparing surrounding blood vessels, nerves or other tissues, before the melted fat is removed by a suction technique. This greatly reduces tissue trauma, discomfort, recovery time and potential complications, while allowing for precise sculpting and offers skin-tightening benefits at the same time (think: super defined, washboard belly).

For ladies who are looking to remove stubborn fat bulges and boost other areas such as the breasts simultaneously, natural fat transfer is the perfect total body contouring solution.

“A gentle liposuction in experienced hands is done to target unwanted pockets of fat without destroying the adipose cells. The harvested fat are then processed using the latest Lipokit centrifuge to obtain pure fat cells for injection into the breasts, buttocks or face to give a natural and permanent augmentation of the desired area,”  Dr Tan explains.

With the new Lipokit, we can achieve an 80% or higher retention rate of fat cells (as compared to the previous 30 to 40%) in the recipient site.

“In some fat transfer cases, we can finish off with Vaser for further fine contouring and skin tightening benefits after extracting the fat for grafting.”


Have you joined the masses who are body surfing with the stars? Share your pics and body-perfecting tips with us!


– By Michelle Wenli