How to Achieve Soft Glowing Skin in One Week!


When it comes to makeup, statistics have shown that 8 out of 10 men interviewed say they prefer someone with less makeup, not more. As the saying go, there’s no cosmetic like flawless skin. Truly flawless skin cannot be faked, concealed or painted on. It requires some amount of work. Thankfully, we have Dr Kenneth Lee from The Sloane Clinic to share with us the short-cuts you can take to achieve flawless supple skin in the shortest possible time.

Quench skin’s thirst:

Dehydrated skin is old-looking skin, no matter what your age is. Even if you have naturally oily skin, a week of acne creams may have stripped your skin of life-giving moisture, making your complexion look 5 years older than it actually is. Stressed by living in an urban jungle or regular jet-setting, the fragile hydrolipid barrier of our surface skin is often compromised, leading to lacklustre, sensitive, or cranky dehydrated yet clogged skin.

Answer your skin’s cry with a suitable moisturiser or an intensive hydrating serum to repair and fortify your defenses for healthy skin as a first step to achieving that ethereal glow.

For those who want their complexions to radiate from within, try Revitalift face or 水光针. As the skin-boosting micro-hyaluronic acid particles replenishes your skin from within, it increases the moisture within our dermal layers, exactly where we want our hydration to be.


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Spring cleaning:

Clean skin is happy skin. Your skin is your body’s protective barrier, which comes into contact with not only environmental assaults, but also makeup, debris, oil and dirt. Superficial cleaning may not keep it at its optimal levels, especially if you want to show off a set of fine pores, and porcelain smooth complexion.

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What you use at home is vital. Do not use harsh scrubs as studies done on skin have shown that regular gentle exfoliation is more beneficial and effective than an occasional rough scrubbing. We like the soft jojoba beads in Matcha Latte Skin Polish. Coupled with its high antioxidant green tea content and the fact that this non-foaming cream scrub actually replenishes while it cleanses, this is one multi-taking home care we recommend for busy people who like multitasking products!

While regular gentle skin exfoliation in the form of weekly facial scrubs or light daily fruit acids is important to tune up skin metabolism and prevent clogged pores, a monthly Microdermabrasion facial such as Crystal Clear will detoxify deep cellular gunk more thoroughly and restore healthy skin renewal for soft polished skin, all-ready to absorb the goodness of your skincare products or other skin treatments.

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Revitalise from within:

The only effective way to give your skin a good dose of glow is to care for the collagen under your skin. Age and stress leads to reduction in collagen content as well as a disordered alignment of our skin’s collagen—- all this adds to dull, lacklustre skin. Thankfully, technology such h as certain lasers and lights can reach these deeper collagen layers to effect a positive clinical change that is visible just after a few simple sessions.


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Innovative treatments like the Nova-3R harnesses the power of light to overcome the remaining road blocks to perfect glowing skin. The healing warmth of infrared light energises collagen cells residing deep within our skin and firms tired slack skin. Pulsed light photofacial then clarifies uneven skin tone and infuses glow gently into dull skin. Finally, light photobiomodulation therapy optimises cellular metabolism and the skin’s self-healing abilities to revitalise stressed fatigued skin. 3 natural lights, 3 beauty fixes in a single treatment for an effortlessly radiant and beautiful complexion.

 Baby Drop Fillers are perfect collagen-boosting therapies for those who want targetted fixes for their skin. This no downtime treatment uses micro injections to deliver vital hyaluronic acid fillers to failing areas of your face, steering them towards a more luminous state instantly.

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