How to Fake Flawless Skin – Tricks from the Makeup Bag


We all want it. So few have it. But you can certainly fake it, like you were born in that lucky skin. And it’s not as complicated as you think with these nifty little tricks.


Remember: Makeup corrects discolouration (like brown spots, redness, dark circles) much better than texture (like lines, gaping pores, big pimples). In fact, overzealous plastering of thick foundation over textural irregularities often accentuates those flaws. Optimizing your complexion with skincare will not only help prep your canvas texture, but is the starting point for real bare-faced beauty in the long run.

Slather on a suitable moisturizer while your is skin is slightly damp after cleansing to plump up fine lines, revitalize parched patches and allow makeup to glide on sheer and easy. Those with combination skin can select a serum or lightweight gel-lotion moisturizer to prevent a makeup meltdown, especially in hot, humid summers.

Need to smooth out uneven texture further? Spread on a light makeup primer with silica after your moisturizer is fully absorbed. The ‘filling’ effect of a primer ensures your foundation won’t settle into wrinkles or pores, and it improves the staying power of your eye and face makeup too.




Try: Sloane Inc 24k Gold Skin Primer, a luxurious 2-in-1 silky serum-primer with powerful antioxidants and an intelligent complexion-balancing system to leave your canvas smooth and supple in dehydrated areas and lightly mattified in oilier T-zones.





Those with super oil-slicked skin may skip moisturizing and jump straight to a sebum-soaking mattifying primer such as Laura Mercier Secret Mattifying Finish after toning.

To transform dull, dry blah skin instantly, blend your treatment serum with a small drop of  liquid highlighter as an illuminating primer to cheat a fresh and believable red-carpet even glow (instead of looking like the golden globe itself).



Silicone is the ‘it’ word when it comes to flawless-skin-faking liquid foundations. Look out for words like ‘sheer’, ‘lightweight’ or ‘invisible’ if you’re not sure. Avoid super luminous or ultra-matte ones (they can make you look either too moist or too flat to be genetically blessed).



Try: Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! by Benefit gives an undetectable coverage to even out colour imperfections, while allowing your own beautiful skin quality (which is majority of your face!) to shine through. What you want is a ‘happy, energized skin’ finish that’s a photo-perfect hybrid between luminous and matte.



Find your skin twin by testing the foundation shade on your neck – the colour tone tend to be more uniform there than on the face for most people, and you’ll prevent any telltale demarcation along the jawline.

Hey, back to basics again: Less is More. Start with a coin-sized amount of liquid foundation (it’s easier to add later to build coverage if necessary). Dot it on your centre of the forehead, cheekbones, nose bridge and chin before blending outwards gently with fingers (my favourite tool), so that it sheers out naturally towards the peripheries – right up to your hairline and ear if you’re wearing your hair up. And always blend downwards or sideways (not up) to reduce foundation catching onto and showing up facial fuzz.

A face-saving tip for those with more obvious wrinkles, very dry skin or in areas where your base tend to be more difficult to blend well (like around the nose): Wet and squeeze out the excess water from a clean makeup sponge. Use it to pick up small amounts of liquid foundation from the back of your hand and apply it in a light dabbing motion. Pay special attention to (and go easy on) your trouble spots, and remove excess foundation with the damp sponge that could otherwise crease or emphasize lines and dry flaky skin.



An awesome concealer to keep imperfections under wraps without caking up makes a world of difference. With a fine-tipped brush or your fingers, tap the solid concealer with featherlight strokes over blemishes or dark spots that are still visible. Try to do this in the best available natural daylight when possible.

A concealer with a yellowish undertone is generally flattering and warms up the skin tone. But particular colours neutralize each other, so special concealers of different colour tones will camouflage certain colour irregularities better.



Try: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage has dense pigment for heavy-duty coverage, but still blends like a dream. Each colour comes in a duo of 2 different shades, so you can always custom-blend the perfect shade.




The click-pen concealer, such as the ever-popular Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, is a good alternative for victims of crepey skin, typically around the eyes. These liquid concealers have less waxy formulas and have an illuminating effect which blurs out imperfections and brightens without seeping into crinkles. Use this as a highlighter to lift the brow and add virtual definition to your nose bridge, cheek bones and cupid’s bow as well.



For those with more mature skin, save the powder in areas where you tend to get shiny (i.e. the Tzone). Nothing makes lines or dry patches more pronounced and ages you faster than a heavy powdered look.

Choose a translucent loose powder and apply sparingly with a large fluffy brush to set your makeup and nix excessive shine without looking chalky or flat.



Try: Diorskin Matte and Luminous Hydrating Loose Powder has superfine light-diffusing mica micro-particles for the perfect finishing touch.




Voila! You’re ready to glow in your new beautiful skin.

– Libby Tanada