How to Get The Body of An Angel


God made mankind in His image, male and female He created them. But it is clear that some daughters of Eve, like the Victoria’s Secret angels, are far more genetically blessed than most of us mortal women. If you are chilling out with chips and cola while watching them blow kisses in barely-there lingerie on youtube, know this: Even VS angels, who are arguably some of the most envied women in modelling, have to put in (A LOT OF) hard work and serious sweat to achieve their sculpted physiques. So stop blaming Mum for your butt and get off the couch. We might not have struck the genetic lottery, but we can replicate the way they work out to get abs close to Adriana Lima’s, right?


How to get on the path towards that heavenly body? They don’t keep it a secret: The Angels watch what they eat before a show, and feed the Instagram and Twitter with pictures of their workout of choice and the fruits of their labour.



Karlie Kloss is a fan of Pilates-style training, which works the core muscles and zooms in on individual muscle groups. In addition to giving her drool-worthy lean muscle definition necessary for strutting down the runway in just wings and lingerie, more muscles also mean more efficient fat-torching with exercise.

vs karlie

As well as burning more calories than yoga, core muscle training is known for improving postural awareness and the general functions of your body such as balance, mobility and back health in day-to-day life.




Adriana Lima maintains her knockout bod with boxing. Twice-weekly 90 minute adrenaline-racing sessions, during which she’s trained like a professional boxer, provides a complete calorie-incinerating (up to 700 calories an hour!) cardio, muscle-sculpting strength and agility training, as well as improving mental sharpness.

vs adriana

Her regular high octane workout ensures that Adriana needs to squeeze in only 10 minutes of jumping rope each day to stay fit and fab while on the road. Besides keeping her famous form in high demand, boxing bestows this Angel with patience and confidence. What can be more beautiful than that?




Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge tone their awesome abs and bare-worthy booties, and hone graceful lean, long limbs with ballet exercises.

vs ballet

Candice is a self-confessed fan of the dance workout – for very good reason. Other than being a full body workout to drop pounds and shape up, it improves flexibility, reduces stress and gives her a more positive outlook.




Alessandra Ambriosio is one of the longest serving angels and an exemplary permanent resident of the gym. Her regime includes working out at least once a day, with the model opinion: “It’s important to break a sweat everyday.”

vs alessandra

She does a wide range of weight (a medley of lunges, squats and machine work) and non-weight (often Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, or pilates, TRX, yoga, spinning) workouts to perfect every inch of her body, as well as to eliminate boredom.



– By Janice Lieu