How to Organise Your Beauty Stash


If you were looking for your new lipstick only to come across a mascara from possibly 10 years ago, it’s a definite sign that you are in urgent need of a vanity overhaul. While searching for beautiful ideas (other than the usual clear acrylic drawer boxes from Muji) to keep beauty loot in order in space-challenged homes, we found some 5 neat tricks from Pinterest to keep your preening corner spic and span.




Drawer dividers make existing makeup drawers look instantly organised by grouping like items together (lipsticks with lipsticks, eyeshadows with eyeshadows, etc). Look out for interesting containers to pretty up your space.

Instead of chucking brushes in a dark (and possibly bacteria-breeding) corner of your drawer, brush up your organisation skills with a lovely DIY brush stand as well. Fill a small cup or vase with pebbles and coloured marbles, and simply stick those brushes in to display and air. Picking out the right tool in a hurry has never been easier.



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No counter space? No problem! Line up your cosmetic arsenal and draw daily beauty inspiration from a self-made makeup board. Decorate your magnetic board with fabric or a frame and hang it on the wall. Glue small magnets to the bottoms or back of your favourite products and lightweight containers to stick them onto your new vertical vanity cum wall decor. If you’re not feeling crafty, swoon-worthy pre-fabricated ones can be purchased on sites like Etsy.



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Too often we only use half of the space allotted. Stick acrylic holders to the insides of your cabinet doors to shift your beauty products off the bathroom counter and keep everything in apple-pie order.



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Stay deliciously organised with spice racks transformed into glamorous perfume shelves, cake stands displaying candy-coloured nail polishes, glass bottles transformed into creative wall storage, baking trays given a second chance in life…and coffee beans in brush-liner jars for an aromatic a.m. perk-me-up while primping! The possibilities are endless.



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makeup5CLEAR IT UP 

Vintage-looking apothecary jars are simply fabulous in bathrooms. Fill them up with cotton buds and bath salts to do away with bulky packaging, or pop your nail lacquers in to turn a cosmetic graveyard into an eye-catching dresser display. These stacked ones from West Elm go a further step by maximising every inch of counter space.



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– By Magdeleine Lim


*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Aug 2014*