Immune Perfume May Help You Find Mr Right


You know how taking a deep whiff at your guy’s T-shirt or chest can feel like popping a powerful and highly addictive drug, sending you on an instant flume ride to bliss? Well, there’s a totally scientific explanation for that, as well as the “sparks” or “electrical chemistry” we feel for one, but not another.

Research has shown that our immune systems release subtle scents as chemical signals to suss out genetic compatibility with a potential mate – an evolutionary mechanism to assist us in producing stronger, healthier super babies to ensure the survival of our species.

Now, German scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology may be on their way to recreate this “sexual chemistry”. When they tested perfumes with an identical base scent but varying synthetic immune fingerprint molecules on a group of 22 women, the ladies selected the perfume with an “immune odor” similar to their own, suggesting that they were subconsciously cued in to that trait.

The idea is to eventually be able to customize your own chemical keynotes into a perfume which will broadcast your immune signature to help you zero in and attract THE Mr Right – a match “made in heaven” or rather, imprinted all over your DNA.

Finding the love of our lives is hard enough, so why not allow biology and our noses to lead us in the right direction? Trust the Germans to help us build a stronger race. We’ll pre-order a bottle right now in any case, thank you very much.