Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington Ads Banned


Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington are both known for their beauty. But it appears they may not be beautiful enough to make it as they are onto glossy magazine pages featuring their L’Oreal makeup ads.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned two overly retouched ads by the actress and supermodel for their Lancome Teint Miracle and Maybelline The Eraser foundations respectively, after complaints that the digitally altered images are misleading.

Julia Roberts in banned ad campaign for Lancome’s Teint Miracle foundation which ‘recreates the aura of perfect skin’ – touched by a real miracle product or just plain photoshop?

The complaints were brought to the authority’s attention by Lib-Dem MP Jo Swinson, who argued that airbrushing creates a false impression of beauty and would put pressure on women and young girls who compare themselves unfavourably to the unrealistic images.

While other stars like Kate Winslet have refused to be airbrushed, Julia Roberts allegedly had a clause put in her contract with Lancome that pre-airbrushed photos can never be released. However, handsomely paid as the face of Lancome as she is, Roberts is perhaps an unlikely ambassador for the brand. Last year, the 43-year-old star condemned the obsession with beauty and youth as ‘shallow’, according to the Daily Mail.

Swinson told the BBC she was pleased with the authority’s decision to get rid of them. “This ruling demonstrates that the advertising regulator is acknowledging the dishonest and misleading nature of excessive retouching.”

“Pictures of flawless skin and super-slim bodies are all around, but they don’t reflect reality,” she added.