Kim Kardashian debuted Platinum Blonde in Paris!


Is this Kim’s WORST look yet? Kim Kardashian, 34, broke the Internet once again when she debuted her platinum blonde hair at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday Mar. 5.

Getting people’s attention is one thing Kim Kardashian is good at. From wearing daring clothes, showing off her naked bottom, or like a couple of days ago debuting a bizarre bright blonde bob. Is that even enough attention for Kim? The 34-year-old-mother-of-one stepped out with hubby, Kanye West for the Lanvin show in a super sheet shirt with no bra!


Kim Kardashian’s striking platinum blonde was quickly compared to Tom Felton’s Harry Potter character, Draco Malfoy. “So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish,” tweeted the 27 year-old actor, Felton.


Save Your Strands

Are you the next style victim? Many of our stealth hair-cidal habits are causing our locks to become prematurely lackluster and thin. Read on and decide for your strands if it is worth it!

The same devices and chemicals that beautify hair TEMPORARILY tend to cause damages and make your hair uncooperative. Not to mention that your strands are already at risk of further damage from soaking up the sun, long steamy baths and nutritional imbalances.

Scorching heat from flat irons and hairdryer literally cooks the amino acids that make up your hair’s protective cuticle. Just imagine cuticle is like a shield that maintains moisture balance of your hair fibre. Once this shield is broken, there’ll be loss of natural volume due to breakage. Similarly, chemical treatments like perming, dyeing or straightening strip away the cuticles utterly leaving your locks dull, fried and brittle.

Not ready to give up those styling moments? Then at least reduce your daily damage by turning the temperature down on your styling devices. Try to keep your dryer 6 inches away and constantly moving your dryer so you don’t focus the heat at one spot. Wear heat protective product to help maintain moisture. Increase the interval between dyeing and perming processes as much as possible. Use gentle shampoos and reparative hair care products for colour-treated or chemical-processed tresses between treatments.

Stop ruining your hair for good, ladies!

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– By Whitney J. Lynn