Lessons from Heidi Klum’s Sunburnt Butt


Supermodel, Heidi Klum, gave all her followers an up close (like wayyyy up close) peep into her personal life by posting a ‘cheeky’ photo of her bare butt against a lobster red back on Instagram – the tingly consequence of an idyllic weekend at the beach.

“Ouch!” Heidi captioned the picture (right). We hear ya, Heidi: Sunburns are indeed a real spoiler (as is a mozzie attack) for an otherwise perfect summer holiday with the kids and bodyguard-turned-boyfriend, Martin Kristen, in beautiful Barbados. If only Heidi had concentrated on proper use of her sunscreen, instead of tweeting pictures of her exotic escape to the Caribbean island (above) that are making us turn green with envy *sour grapes*.


Following the lead of Heidi’s cautionary tale, here’s how you can have fun and look cool at the end of your sun-filled day:


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What can you do to soothe and heal sun-scorched skin?

“To relieve the pain and swelling of a sunburn, try cold compresses with tap water or milk, followed by some chilled aloe vera gel or small amounts of hydrocortisone cream. It is important to hydrate your body well to counteract the drying effect of a sunburn, and popping a paracetamol or aspirin tablet can help to ease the burning discomfort where necessary. Moisturising your skin with lotion will reduce the dryness and itching as it heals. Leave small, isolated blisters alone, and see your doctor if you have bigger ones that may need de-blistering and anti-septics,” says Dr Chua Han Boon, Medical Consultant at The Sloane Clinic.


– By Claudia Lin