Looking for Husband Material? Cheating Runs in Family!


This comes as no big surprise, but new research just confirmed the old saying ‘like father like son’.

A study carried out by Czech scientists into reasons why people cheat in long-term relationships found that while both men and women had affairs, men were more likely to stray if their fathers had been unfaithful when they were growing up.

This would appear to be well-exemplified by womanizing fathers and sons in public life, including the golfer Tiger Woods and British soccer player Ryan Giggs.

Presenting his study involving 86 couples at the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association conference, Jan Havlicek postulated that as boys grew up, they learned from their social world what behavior was appropriate and what they could get away with — their father was the obvious role model.

Curiously, Jan Havlicek and his colleagues found that daughters were not affected in the same way by their mothers’ infidelity.

The scientists and evolutionary psychologists attributed this to the fact that men and women are looking for different things in relationships. So while more attractive parents tend to have good-looking sons and daughters, the men and women use their attractiveness in different ways — men to attract sexual variety, and women to get the best partner possible and a good dad for their kids.

According to this theory, whether a man was satisfied and happy in his main relationship may have no effect on the likelihood that he would stray. “Men usually have affairs because they want sex and a greater number of sexual partners, not because they are fed up with their wives,” said Havlicek.

Women, on the other hand, were much more likely to cheat if they were dissatisfied with some aspect of their relationship. Havlicek believes women have affairs as an effort to find a new partner.

So girls, you might do well to scrutinize the habits of your potential fathers-in-laws for advance warning of your lover’s fidelity.

What are your views on cheating husbands and wives?