Makeup Guide – A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Makeup


I’m not a morning person and I have a bad snooze button habit. While I may be a very ambitious woman, I can be an absolute bum when it comes to beauty. But that certainly doesn’t mean I have to look it. God forbid!

So I’ve assembled a couple of tips that I hope to share with fellow lazy gals (or rather, efficiency freaks) like me who need the most impact in the least amount of time, steps and products. You’ve heard of the 5-minute fabulous face right? Let’s start the clock.

5:00: Skip the Foundation

For a “I’m born with it” look, trade all-over foundation coverage for a tinted moisturiser with SPF or BB cream. Starting with the central face outwards, these complexion-saviours usually blend beautifully with fingers for a fresh-faced Spring loveliness and various skin care benefits simultaneously. Cover any darkness under the eye with a little more BB cream or a light dab of concealer to wipe away any haggardness off the face.

4:00: Fill in the Colour

Sheer stains are my multi-tasking favourite to give cheeks and lips that healthy, rosy glow instantly. These forgiving tints are easy to blend and fast-drying which prevent makeup boo-boos while on the go, and they save makeup bag space and neuronal effort of coordinating colours.

No eyeshadow? No problem. Get the natural-yet-polished look in a snap by using a nude lipstick or gold lip gloss for a quick, neutral pick-me-up for your lids and pout at the same time. Nude lipsticks can triple up as a cream blusher too, especially on wintery dry skin. (PS: Remember not to use lippies with plumping ingredients on your eyes and cheeks!)

2.00: Highlight Your Best

Run a little highlighter/ illuminator along the underside of your brows, from just below the arch to the end, and blend. This helps to help brighten and open up your eyes (and de-emphasize any stray hairs until you have time to deal with them!).

If there’s a few more seconds to spare, highlight the c-shaped inner corner of your peepers for alluring doe eyes, while a quick touch on the cupid’s bow will sexy up your pout.

1.30: Play up Your Lashes

Without doubt, a curled full fringe will make your eyes pop. But if you’re not one for lash curlers or triple-layering, pick a super-black mascara with curling properties like Diorshow New Look Mascara, and you’re good to go.

Getting your lashes dyed and permed is another brilliant way to save time and prevent mascara and curler eye injuries while on the fly (yes, apparently it’s one of the most common makeup injury according to surveys). On the other hand, repeated chemical damage can lead to excessive lash loss. A better long-term solution is growing out your own enviable fringe with lash-growth enhancers like Latisse – just one drop before bed for 16 weeks, and you may not need mascara ever after.

How do you make your morning makeup routine faster for extra snooze time?

– By Emily Wong