Rosie Huntington have a Cocaine-like Effect on Men


A study of attractiveness by Harvard University researchers found that looking at pictures of gorgeous women like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley evokes the same reaction in a man’s brain “reward centre” as cocaine, the Daily Mail reports.

In this study, brain scans done while test subjects were shown images of female faces revealed that a prominent curved forehead, eyes, nose; a mouth located relatively low; large eyes; round cheeks; and a small chin — soft, almost baby-like features — were among the facial features men found most narcotic.

It’s no wonder we (both men and women) find beautiful women so difficult to resist, frequently leaving us craving to steal a second look and it’s almost impossible to say no to them.

And Rosie is fully aware of her special powers. The pouty Transformer star spoke to Australia’s Maxim magazine about her mysterious “mood lips” that are more than meets the eye.

‘They get really, really red when I’m angry or passionate and pale when I’m miserable or tired. They have a life of their own. They get me into trouble.’

Perhaps the future might be “rosier” for coke-addicts if rehab centres can incorporate a new “beauty high” therapy to relief their drug withdrawal symptoms, and keep them off narcotics and trouble for good…

So which celebrity gives you a drug-like rush or gets you addicted and wanting more of her/ him?