Secret to Her Sexual Contentment lies in Cupid’s Bow


We all know sexy puckers tend to get men lusting for love. But do you know that they may also hold the secret to the woman’s sexual fulfillment?

A recent study by the University of the West of Scotland found that women with prominent, sharply raised points or ‘tubercles’ on their upper lips — a.k.a the cupid’s bow — are 12 times more likely to hit orgasmic heights through sex than flat-lipped damsels.

Stupid Cupid, left his marks on her lips – Passionate pout like Kim Kardashian, or a cold dip like Julia Roberts?

The study involved 258 women, aged between 18 and 35 years, who were asked to describe their lip shape and sexual experiences.

95 percent of those with well-defined cupid’s bows claimed that they reach orgasm during intercourse, while only 60 percent of those with less-than-prominent dips in their lips were beaming in bed.

One potential explanation for these findings is that how the lips shape up is linked with development in the womb. And the same factors may affect sensitivity in other parts of the body.

Those with a less provocative pout shouldn’t feel too disheartened — this same study also found that the lip shape had no influence on a woman’s ability to orgasm via other methods.

If all fails, add a light touch of highlighter makeup pencil just above the dip to play up your cupid’s bow. And don’t forget to plump up your lips instantly with clever use of lip liner and some lip gloss for a sensuous pout to get you into the mood for love.

Do you think your pout has any influence in shaping your sex life? Or should the researchers of this study just pucker up and kiss off?

Video tutorial by adorable Bubbi for fuller, defined luscious lips:

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