Sexiest Dance Moves for Men Identified


Listen up guys! If you are hoping to drive the ladies wild on the dance floor, you can forget about those jazz hands or doing the robot walk. Scientists have finally identified the right moves to give you a leg up.

According to a study, sexy dancing is about all about moving the torso and shaking your head, and remember to go big or go home.

British and German researchers filmed 19 men aged 18 to 35 with 3D cameras, and turned these videos of dancing men (none of whom are dance pros) into featureless computer animation avatars which didn’t give a clue to the age, height or physical attributes of the original male volunteer.These dancing humanoids were then evaluated by 37 heterosexual women on a scale of one to seven.

The researchers narrowed down the key moves that made for “good” dancing. Fortunately, it boils down to only a few key variables for you to keep in mind:

A “good” dancer thus displays larger and more variable movements in relation to bending and twisting movements of their head/neck and torso, and faster bending and twisting movements of their right knee. A “bad” dancer, in contrast, tended to be stiff and plod, and throwing their arms around was no substitute for the fast, variable movement of the central body region.

Researchers felt that the large torso and head movements perceived as attractive in this study were a sign of a man’s health, vigor and strength — in primeval terms, his reproductive quality — as suggested by preliminary results from blood work done on the male dancers.

A previous German study also showed that men whose dance movements were rated highest for dominance, masculinity and attractiveness were those who had had higher prenatal exposure to testosterone.

More than cueing genetic superiority, it’s probably more important that dancing is a display of athleticism, confidence and self-esteem as well.

While this study is limited by its small sample size to draw definitive conclusions and I personally believe that there are no magic moves that can transform every man into a sexy hotshot on the dance floor, these pointers may prove pretty handy in helping men with 2 left feet (like myself) some basic guidelines as you hone your signature moves.

So be confident as you shake those bodies and do your rhythmic head nods & knee bounces real big.

Enjoy and good luck!