The Perfect Arch – Best Brows for Your Face


In case you have not realized, those arched hallways leading to the windows to your soul are a trés important feature that can either make or break your entire look.

A well-groomed set of brows that works with your face shape will not only form an eye-catching frame for your peepers, but will help harmonize your mien to upgrade your beauty instantly.



If your face is widest at the cheeks and appears almost as wide as it is long, your are probably a cherubic doll like Ginnifer Goodwin.

Best Brow: To counteract the rounded fullness of your face, opt for a more edgy sculptured frame. An angular, high arched brow opens the eyes vertically to elongate and slim down your visage.

Resist the temptation to over-tweeze your brows to anorexic thinness – keeping it naturally full gives you a more youthful and balanced appearance.

Wrong Brow: Soft, round brows can accentuate your facial roundness and turn you into a beach ball.



If your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same width, you most likely have a long face like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Claudia Schiffer.

Best Brow: A more horizontal and straighter brow with a soft flare will give the illusion of increased face width and hence, a more oval face.

Wrong Brow: Risk looking horse-faced with dramatically arched, angled brows as they’ll further exaggerate the vertical length of your face.



Square-faced beauties like Demi Moore and Katie Holmes have a longish face and a strong, angular jawline.

Best Brow: Complement your strong face shape with a robust angled brow. Align the peak of the brow with the widest angle of the jaw to draw attention away from your heavy jawline.

Wrong Brow: Delicate, round brows will not provide balance. Bigger is better for you – try waxing or threading for trendy thick brows that’s naturally neat, but not too sharply or heavily defined like overly “done” scouse brows.



You lucky girl! Like Jessica Biel, Beyonce and Megan Fox, you have the “ideal” feminine face shape characterized by prominent cheeks which narrows down gracefully into a skinny thin chin.

Best Brow: Because of your proportionate face shape, you can rock most brow types. Stay medium to full to project youthful energy.

Wrong Brow: Have fun experimenting with various brow shapes, but be careful with super prominent “I’m-permanently-shocked” arches.



Heart-shaped lovelies such as Natalie Portman and Madonna have a full face that tapers into a pointed chin.

Best Brow: Rounded brows add feminine curves to soften the pointy chin while emphasizing your beautiful heart-shape.

Wrong Brow: Flat, horizontal brows will open up your face sideways and pack on virtual pounds.




To shape your arches like a pro, take these points of reference to guide you along:



– By Claudia Lin