To Bed with Makeup – BareMinerals Night Foundation


If you remember my previous post ‘Guilty – Sleeping with Makeup On‘, this new innovative product is challenging my strongly held beliefs.

While some consider it a minor chore to remove their makeup after a long day, research shows that an increasing number of women are actually tempted to sleep in their make-up because they are worried about their complexion imperfections in the bedroom.

In a poll of 1000 women, 16 percent of those surveyed think they look unattractive when they are without makeup. And two-thirds felt nervous to take their makeup off at night when they are with a new partner. Nearly a quarter said they slept with make-up on up to three times a week – despite knowing it isn’t good for their skin – and 35 percent said they would sleep in it if they could.

I personally object to the pressure that’s making these women so terribly insecure even in dreamland. But i reckon until bare faced natural beauty happens, Bare Escentuals’ new Pure Transformative Night Treatment might just solve the bedroom makeup dilemma for many women and transform night skin routines — this mineral powder makeup is not only safe for overnight wear, it boasts skin rejuvenation benefits as well!

Applied with a built-in brush, 2 light circular sweeps of the silky weightless powder provides fairly good coverage for instant flawlessness and does not rub off easily to threaten messy pillows. Those with dry patches should moisturise well before application and go easy on the makeup to prevent not-so-pretty clumping of excess powder with flaky skin.

Thanks to its RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex (a concoction of mighty minerals and vitamins to feed your skin while you sleep), it claims to deliver skin-renewing benefits by enhancing cellular turnover for finer pores and a more radiance.

Whatever ‘skin’-provement one might experience, I guess going to bed and waking up looking fabulous is not a bad feeling… not at all.

Good news for you, Dolly Parton!