Victoria’s Secret Models’ Essential Beauty Tips


When a good chunk of time during your day job is spent in a makeup chair with some of the most skilled artists and beauty experts in the business, you’re bound to pick up some ingenious tips and tricks. So when these celestial beauties speak, we listen. Here are holy grail products and pointers from the VS Angels’ beauty bible to put you on the right path to that flawless, ethereal glow.





#1 IN GOLD WE TRUST: Skin expert Mimi Luzon helped Angels like Sara Sampaio and Alessandra Ambrosia switch on their pre-show glow with unapologetically luxe gold leaf face masks. Besides making for a glamorous selfie, tiny gold particles actually penetrate skin to tune up its tone, texture and elasticity.


Sloane Inc Gold Glow Mask

Sloane Inc. Gold Glow Mask is a pro-radiance, pro-rejuvenation flash recovery cream mask that places a midas touch on tired or tortured skin. Its blend of 24K gold and sea buckthorn berry extract (a.k.a Mama Nature’s liquid gold) soothes, nourishes and recharges skin for an instant look of soft splendour, and serves to protect and prolong the beauty of your most priceless asset over time. “I advise my patients who are prepping for an important event to use Gold Glow Mask for 20 minutes before their makeup. It does wonders for making skin look dewy and supple,” comments Dr Tan Wang Theng, a skincare expert from The Sloane Clinic.






#2 WATER, WATER, MORE WATER:  Yes, we’ve heard it a gazillion times. But 8 8-ounce glasses of water, along with beauty sleep and probiotic at breakfast are what Rachel Hilbert count on to power her angelic glow. And Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel is this Angel’s must-have product to lock in her skin’s hydration.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel absorbs quickly like a frivolously light sorbet, but has the intense, long-lasting moisturising power of a cream to deliver soft, supple skin without the makeup slip and slide.






#3 ROSE, ROSE I LOVE YOU: “Since the first someone sprayed rosewater on me, I’ve been addicted,” says Behati Prinsloo. “I always have some in my bag, I travel with it everywhere. It hydrates and takes the skin tone to its natural pH, so that’s one thing I’ve always stuck to. It doesn’t mess up your makeup, so you can spray it wherever, whenever.”

Oh…did the porcelain-skinned Namibian beauty also mention that rose has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing benefits on skin? That makes this gorgeous blossom a good buddy for those suffering from redness, sensitivity, acne and eczema.


A heavenly pairing of skin-revitalising rose and youth-enhancing blueberry stem cell extracts, Hardy & Co. Restorative & Calming Skin Healing Mist is veritable nectar of the gods. The delicate natural rose scent is a godsend for frazzled nerves.  






#4 THE ‘V’ IS KEY: Veteran Angel and cofounder of Wander Beauty, Lindsay Ellingson, recommends trading the tradition half-circle shape undereye concealer or foundation application for a ‘V’ shape. “The ‘V’ shape blends beautifully into your skin, looks much more natural than a half-circle and creates the illusion of an instant lift,” says Ellingson.



 Wander Beauty’s Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick glides over fine lines while providing buildable coverage for a picture perfection.


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– By Claudia Lin