Why Gorgeous Girls Like Funny Guys


What do Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy and Russell Brand have in common? Besides their wicked sense of humour, these physically average comedians have all landed some very attractive mates.

Scouring through list after list of traits chicks dig, “sense of humour” is consistently cited as one of the top babe-magnetising factors, often beating qualities such as passion, confidence, and generosity – proving that if you can crack her up, chances are you will get to bring her home. Now scientists at the Stanford University are starting to understand why: Girls may be, in fact, biologically hardwired to be drawn to funny guys.



In this small study which aims to investigate the developmental origins of functional differences in the male and female brains, 22 children between the ages of 6 to 13 years were shown a series of clips, some funny and others less so. These children were hooked up to a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine (fMRI) to measure their brain’s responses as they watched the clips. Results showed that girls’ brains had  greater response during the funny clips. This suggests that even at a tender age, these little ladies experienced more positive feelings and a greater sense of reward to the funny clips than did the boys. Fast forward 15 years and it all makes sense why women find humorous guys so desirable.

The attractiveness of the funny guy might also be partially explained by the fact that hilarious people are often seen as more sociable and intelligent -things gals look for in a partner. Psychological experiments have linked humour to better individual emotional and physical health (e.g. resilience, stress response, and immunological function), as well as jolly mood and improved cognition.

The problem? Being a successful funny flirter is easier said than done. One survey by eHarmony found women are most attracted to men who use dry, sarcastic humour. Don’t worry even if you’re no James Bond, the crucial point is that she is able to ‘get’ your type of jokes – the more you see eye-to-eye on humour, the better you are likely to understand each other and win her over. So if you feel your funny bone around her, you’re probably right on track as a couple.


– By Michelle Wenli