Would You Leave Home with Hairy Legs or Pits?


It certainly can feel like a chore some mornings, but a quick informal survey around the office and women I know confirmed that most ladies (and men) agreed that keeping our legs and underarms neatly defuzzed is necessary basic grooming.

But for Tyra Banks, there’s no need to bother with the the razors-and-shaving-cream rigmarole.

In her grooming confession with Life & Style, the America’s Next Top Model diva says, “I don’t have to shave my legs. The hair is so faint, you don’t even see it. I used to shave my legs for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot”.

While Banks may be genetically blessed in many areas, we still do spot ladies on the streets or poolside, and occasional celebs (recall Mo’Nique’s and Hilary Swank’s hairy situations on the red carpet?) committing this furry style blunder.

I mean, can you imagine Miss Angola with hairy strands peeping from under her swimsuit or evening gown as she waves and sashays across the stage in yesterday’s Miss Universe pageant, and then talks about how she maintains her beauty in its most natural state with sunscreen, sleep and smiles?

In our era when alternative permanent solutions like laser and IPL hair removal are readily available — especially when even the boys are buzzing about he-waxes to keep their chests & underarms looking neat and polished, or regular manscaping of their private bushes to keep the area hygienically trim while allowing their “trees”gain optical inch — perhaps neglecting this basic grooming step could be un-fur-givable in a self-respecting lady.

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